Steering Committee

  • Suzanne Campbell
  • Norma Jean Dodge
  • Celste Donovan
  • 路加福音道
  • 布奇buying Garst
  • Lori蒙次
  • 特蕾西·穆雷
  • 玛格达席尔瓦
  • Teresa Wehmeier





SCCC Accreditation Information:

SCCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and follows the Open Pathway. The Open Pathway is one of two options institutions have for maintaining their accreditation with HLC. It follows a 10-year cycle and is focused on quality assurance and institutional improvement. The Open Pathway is unique in that its improvement component, the Quality Initiative, affords institutions the opportunity to pursue improvement projects that meet their current needs and aspirations.


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